Custom Homes

Growing and putting up more and more metal buildings, we were asked to start turning these buildings into homes. It started simple enough with inexpensive fixtures and deer camp style buildings. Now we possess the capabilities, knowledge, and relationships to construct the finest custom homes.

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Metal Houses

As the metal building business continued to blossom, we began building “barndominiums”. These basic metal building exteriors can be loaded with any combination of interior finishes. From travertine and marble to stained concrete, we have done every array of finishes in these type of buildings. This type of construction generally consists of a standard rectangle shaped metal building complete with wall girts, and then inside of that there can be either metal or lumber framing to attach sheetrock and the finishing touches. Barndominiums gained popularity because of their cost efficiency but have stayed en vogue because they generally receive a lower tax appraisal and they have long lasting, low maintenance features such as no painting.

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Conventional Lumber Homes

With our mind always focused on efficiency and the best value for our customers, it didn’t take long to realize that metal prices were rising when the Barnett Shale was blowing up. Once metal reached a certain price level, a quick cost benefit analysis proved that the all metal exterior was no longer the best value in all circumstances. So Benchmark began constructing homes in the traditional stick and brick method. We challenge ourselves to find the best price option for each individual customer making the best out of their budget. We pride ourselves on developing ways to save without sacrificing structural integrity or losing the quality look. In most situations we are capable of showing homeowners ways to save so they can include upgrades such as solid surface counters, metal roofs, spray foam insulation, Hardie siding and masonry.

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Hybrid Construction

As the Barnett Shale boom dissolved, material prices started to slowly decline. Once prices leveled off on both steel and lumber, we realized that each house lends itself to being the most efficiently built by a different type of construction, or a combination of the two. Benchmark launched its hybrid model, combining the steel and lumber framing. This construction reduces waste and improves on the cost per square foot of the structure and the infrastructure.  In this style, a steel roof structure is built and the walls are then framed in the conventional lumber method. Exteriors are finished in everything from metal, to Hardie, to rock, and generally have a combination of the three. The homeowners then have all the possibilities of a conventional home on the interior.

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